How to Create a Terminal Based Menu?


Restaurants can create terminal-based menus from the backend portal. This new feature will allow them to set different menu items for different terminals. For example, you can create a Bar Terminal and display only the bar related items in that terminal or you can create a specialized menu for the Main Dining Terminal using this feature. Below are the steps you may follow to enable the terminal-based menu on your POS.

Enable the Terminal Based Menu Configuration

  1. Login to your location’s backend portal. Or you can visit the website and use your login credentials to access the backend portal.
  2. Tap the Hamburger icon on the top left and click Configurations.
  1. Tap the search box on the top, enter the terminal-based menu and click the option “Enable Terminal based menu” that appears underneath.
  1. Select the checkbox next to Enable Terminal based menu.
  2. Click the Back to Dashboard button.
  1. Again click the Hamburger icon on the top left and click Catalog.
  1. Now tap the Categories tab. The list of categories will appear on your screen.
  2. To assign a terminal to a category, you need to navigate to the category of choice and assign terminal(s) to it.
  3. Tap the Category name.
  1.  Click the Additional Settings tab as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Tap the Terminal field and select the terminal from the drop-down. You may select multiple or all terminals where you want to display your category.
  3. In the end, please don’t forget to click the Save button to save the changes.

Filtering the Categories by Terminal

  1. Once you have assigned the categories to specific terminals, you can filter them by terminal and review which Terminal has what Categories.
  2. Go back to the Categories section in Catalog and tap the Filter by Terminal field.
  1. So, if you choose the Dining Terminal, the associated categories will appear on your screen. Similarly, you can select any terminal and review the associated categories.
  2. You can also change the sorting order of categories by pressing the button and dragging it to the desired position. The same order will reflect on the location’s POS. Below is the representation of how the above sorting order for the Dining Terminal looks in the POS.
  1. The category sorting order in POS will replicate that of the backend portal for a particular terminal. Please make sure that you have enabled the terminal based menu configuration in the POS.