How to see the customer note suggestions when starting an order?


In Quantic POS, you have the ability to see all the saved customer notes and select the apt one before taking the order. The notes can be typed in manually and saved for the customers in the Customer Management section. The server can then enable the “Show during customer lookup” option below the customer note so as to get the prompt on the screen regarding the saved customer note. 

This functionality helps the servers to not memorize the special notes for any customer and the guest need not mention the special request for an order whenever he/she visits the store. Below are the steps on how you can have the customer notes suggestion while taking an order for the customer.

  1. While adding a note for a customer, please make sure to select the option “Show during customer lookup” as shown in the image and click Save.
  1. Now when you will start the order for this customer, the suggestions from the saved customer notes will pop up on the screen. You can tap “Add to Order” to add a customer note to the order and click Done.
  1. The selected customer note will appear at the bottom of the cart. The same customer note will appear on the ticket when an order will be sent to the kitchen.