Scan items and get them featured on Google.
Yes! It’s that simple.
We have integrated with the Pointy from Google to help you display your in-store inventory on Google’s organic search results. It’s quick to set up, easy to use and helps you reach potential buyers.

How Pointy and Quantic Integration Helps?

  • It eliminates the hassle of manually re-entering your inventory data on the Pointy Page.
  • The items get automatically added when you scan them before selling.
  • The Pointy page displays your store opening hours, contact details, and the items that you sell.
  • It is a cheaper yet effective alternative to eCommerce.

More Visibility, More Sales!

Pointy and Quantic integration will give you an opportunity to surface your products across multiple Google platforms, such as:
So, whenever a nearby shopper searches for a product on Google, your Business Profile will be displayed along with the product’s details, pricing, and stock availability.
The Pointy Page
Google Maps.
Google Shopping.
The Pointy Page
Google Maps.
Google Shopping.
Google Images.
The Google My Business profile.
The Google My Business profile.
Google Images.

Get useful insights from Retailer Dashboard

Pointy from Google comes with a Retailer Dashboard that gives you useful insights with charts and graphs.
  • It shows your top-performing products.
  • It shows how shoppers found your store.
  • It shows the most viewed products.
  • Get sales stats through easy-to-understand charts.
  • It helps you to make smart business decisions.

Promote your business with Local Inventory Ads (LIA)

Ads increase visibility which in turn increases sales. Pointy brings an optional feature called Local Inventory Ads which runs highly targeted promotional campaigns to attract local customers.
  • Set your daily budget from Retailer Dashboard.
  • Set a geographic targeting range and take full control of it.
  • No need to create marketing strategies.
  • Keep track of ad campaigns through easy-to-understand charts on your Retailer Dashboard.

Easy to Setup and Easy to Learn

Setting up Pointy is super easy. Quantic users can follow some quick steps to set up and use the Pointy.
  • Log into to your Quantic Backend Portal
  • Enable the Pointy module and fill in the sign-up form
  • Verify your email and finalize your Pointy page
  • Quantic POS will automatically push your item and inventory information to Pointy
  • Nearby shoppers will be able to see what you sell in store

Be ready to sell massively with Quantic and Pointy