Enterprise Module - How to Push Inventory from Parent to Child Location?


Quantic allows you to send the inventory from parent location to child location. Moreover, the child location’s item level inventory will be visible at the parent location. Below are the steps on how you can add the inventory at the child location directly from the master location.

  1. Open the parent location’s backend portal, and click Catalog on the left navigation panel.
  1. Click the Item tab on the top and select the item that needs to be pushed to the child location.
  1. Go to the Inventory tab, enter the QTY(In Hand)– the in hand item quantity and make sure the Track Inventory option is checkmarked.
  2. Click Save to save the changes.
  1. Click  next to the item under Action to push that item to the child locations.
  1. Select the child locations from the list and click Save.
  2. Once the item will be pushed to the child location a pop appears saying- “item has been successfully pushed to the child location”.
  1. Now open the child location’s backend portal.
  2. Go to the Catalog on the left navigation, select the item that you have pushed from the parent location.
  1. Click the Inventory tab, select the Track Inventory checkbox and click Save.
  1. Open the parent location’s backend portal, tap Inventory on the left navigation.
  1. Search for the item and tap the  button. 
  2. The child locations will be displayed underneath to which this item has been pushed.
  3. Now tap the  icon next to that item under the QTY In Hand section.
  1. Enter the quantity with which you want to increase or decrease the item quantity.
  2. Don’t forget to click the Save button.
Item inventory at the parent location
Item inventory at the child location
  1. Once done, the item quantity will start displaying next to the item name and the same quantity will get updated at the child location’s backend portal. 
  2. Similarly, you can manage the inventories of all child locations from the parent location.

Quantic backend portal allows you to push the inventory changes from the Parent location’s back office portal to the Child location. The Change Management section in the Data Management has all the items whose inventory has been changed. It helps you to collectively push all the changes without doing it specifically from the item level.

  1. Go to Operations and click Data Management.
  2. Select Change Management as shown in the illustration.
  3. Select the item(s) to be pushed to the Child location.