QR Code - Setup and Display on Receipt


QR codes can be printed on the receipts to accept the payments from the guests. Once the items are added to the cart, the server can click the Print button at the bottom of the POS, the receipt printer will print the receipt with a QR code. Guests can scan that QR code from their mobile’s scanner and pay the balance due online. A few configurations need to be enabled from the backend portal to display the QR on the receipts. Below are the steps to help you set it up on your own.

Enabling the QR Code on the Receipt

  1. Login to the location’s backend portal.
  2. Click the Hamburger icon on the top left and click Configurations.
  1. Go to the search bar on top and enter “Enable QR Payment On Receipt”.
  2. Now click the option that appears underneath.
  3. Turn on the toggle switch next to “Enable QR Payment On Receipt” to enable this setting.

Print QR Code on Receipt

  1. Login to the location’s POS app.
  2. Go to the order screen.
  3. Add items to the cart and Tap the Print button at the bottom of the POS.
  1. Now the order receipt will print from the receipt printer. The QR code will be printed at the bottom of the receipt which the guest can scan to pay the balance due.

Scanning the QR Code to Pay

  1. On scanning the QR code, the payment gateway browser will open on your screen with balance due mentioned on it.
  2. Customers can click the Card button to proceed to the next screen.
  1. Guests can also pay the tip by entering the tip amount on the screen.
  2. Once done, click the Pay button to apply the tip to the order.
  3. Apply No Tip if there is no tip to be paid.
  1. Finally, the card payment screen will appear where guests can enter the card details and click Pay to complete the payment.